Sélection Azimut #19

09 oct 2011

Programmation de la sélection Azimut numéro 19 Aiph – Baby like you Pleroma – Hello Henchman – Right or Wrong ? Open Season – Hey Darling Crescent City Connection – Spread Luv My Heart Belongs To Cecilia Winter – Never Ever mountain The Rambling Wheels – Love is twisted and strange 77 Bombay Street – […]

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Sélection Azimut #17

29 sept 2011

Programmation musicale de cette 17e sélection Azimut: Black Widow’s project (BWP) – Easy Pleasure Azazelblue’s earthworms – El paso Treekillaz – Disco The rambling wheels – Dance with you Bonaparte – l’état c’est moi Aloan – Liquid girl Girls in the kitchen – COP 4th time around – Someone (should save this for another world) […]

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